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The holistic way to fertility.....Mind, Body & Soul

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What is Sacred Moon Fertility?'s not just for making babies!

Being fertile refers to anything you want to give birth to or create in your life. Are you creating a new business? Working on a new project? Do you want to take the next step to manifest the life you dream of? 

Sacred Moon Fertility helps give you the necessary tools to conceive your dreams successfully!  Using a combination of tried and true techniques for fertility, we offer you a unique blend of inspiring workshops, healing sound therapy, meditation, yoga, customized private sessions,  and so much more! Our creativity programs help you get to know yourself on a soul level, unleashing that creative genius inside! 

Identify and clear the blocks that are holding you back, reduce stress, increase energy, and learn the secrets to creating all that your heart desires!  For info on upcoming series, workshops or retreats,please visit our events page. For a private session or consultation please visit our contact page.

Unexplained Infertility?

Trying to become pregnant has become virtually impossible for so many people, yet there seems to be no "real" reason as to why this is. Our physical bodies may appear to be ready and healthy, but we also need to consider the status of our "energetic" level as this is equally as crucial to healthy functioning. If there is any stress in your life, emotional trauma, personal/family issues, etc., all of these factors play a part in infertility. We can help clear these blocks, so that you are ready to receive baby not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

Each year millions of dollars are spent overcoming fertility.  So much financial and emotional stress in pursuit of pregnancies that never happen.  Sacred Moon Fertility offers a safe and effective way to powerfully increase your fertility.

How Does This Program Work?

Sacred Moon Fertility is a program designed to suite your specific needs. 

Using proven methods, we take the "whole body" approach to fertility. Helping you to locate and clear any energetic blockages that are interfering with your fertility.  Preparing and healing your body physically, mentally, and emotionally to receive baby.

Connecting you....Mind, body and soul through "fertility specific" yoga sequences, breathing techniques, HypnoFertility, aromatouch therapy, reiki, healing gong/crystal singing bowls, and so much more!

Unlike other fertility programs out there, Sacred Moon Fertility is completely safe. We do not require any medications, supplements, or expensive equipment.  There is no need to stop any current medical treatments/procedures with this program, as the combination has had some impressive results!

Serving the Philadelphia, New York, Atlantic City, & Delaware areas!

Is This The Right Program For Me?

Do any of these circumstances apply to you? 

-Current treatment taking too long?

-Suffering from anxiety/depression?


-Multiple IVF attempts?


-History of physical/emotional trauma?

-Finances,work,family stressing you out?

-Fear of pregnancy, labor, parenthood?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this program IS FOR YOU!